After witnessing the plight of the landmine victims in Cambodia, Gary Christ set his mind to develop a better method of landmine extermination. The PeaceHammer is the solution! It is a "green machine" built from mostly recycled steel. It uses much less energy and also has a much smaller carbon footprint than the massive mechanical demining machines presently used. The PeaceHammer will contribute to the Cambodian Government's goal of ridding Cambodia of mines by 2020.

Remote control makes the PeaceHammer safe to operate. The machine's unique design makes it simple and less expensive to construct. The PeaceHammer employs a reciprocating hammer design to exert 10 times the force of a human footstep on landmines. The additional force will help to ensure that all mines are removed. By utilizing gravity instead of mechanical force, the machine operates less expensively than other mechanical demining machines. The plan is to manufacture the PeaceHammer in Cambodia using landmine survivors.

The crew at Hydraulic Services (HS) in Spring Grove, Illinois has contributed hundreds of hours to fabricate two prototypes. Without Mark Rhoderick and the guys at HS, there would be no DemineCambodia.

Mobile Lift of Harvard Illinois contributed much needed components (engine, wheels, hydraulic pump), to finish the second prototype. Thanks to Eric and Dave Hammarstedt.




The current Peacehammer.