Our Mission

Gary Christ, inventor with Sem Sovantha director of the Angkor Association for the Disabled in Siem Reap, Cambodia founded DemineCambodia. DemineCambodia consists of a group of individuals and Cambodian non-government organizations (NGOs) working together. In the United States DemineCambodia involves individual sponsors and small businesses. By sharing talent and resources, they hope to bring new ideas, tools and personnel to help experienced deminers rid Cambodia of landmines.

DemineCambodia has invested years of research and development and many thousands of dollars to bring the PeaceHammer to its next phase, testing by the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC). The CMAC must test and approve any mechanical demining devices before certified deminers may use them. We need sponsors to support completion of the machine and prepare it for final testing and production.

Long-term DemineCambodia plans to manufacture demining machines in Cambodia to provide jobs for those maimed by landmines. We will also train the disabled to operate the deminers as part of our objective.

In addition to supporting demining teams, we also desire to develop the villages that are demined. We install wells and sanitary toilets to enhance life in the villages. This is nearly as important as demining and will provide much needed sanitation and jobs.

Helping the amputee population of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and throughout Cambodia seemed the natural way to proceed. We believe that our newly invented demining machine, the PeaceHammer, will demine Cambodia more quickly, more safely and more effectively. Our goal is to provide more mine locating and brush-clearing tools and, most importantly, more trained personnel. Once an area is free of landmines, farmers can produce more food and the people will have a better life.